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My name is Kali Roberge, and I help financial advisors and other small business owners build better businesses by creating compelling content that helps attract prospects, capture leads, and convert clients.

I started Creative Advisor Marketing to make business feel more human, especially in an industry that's sorely lacking in trust between the professionals and the consumers.

I love helping financial advisors find authentic ways to attract new prospects to them (instead of chasing them around or hounding current clients for referrals). And I believe inbound marketing, and content marketing specifically, can change the way we do business for the better.

Advisors marketing their RIAs with content can better establish connections, relationships, and above all, trust with their ideal prospective clients.

At Creative Advisor Marketing, we'd love to show you how to use creatively written, well-crafted content to attract the exact people you want to work with. We know the power of great content marketing and we've devoted the last few years to sharing that reality with people like you looking to grow and succeed.

If you'd like to learn more about what makes inbound and content marketing for financial advisors such an effective tool for firms who want to develop relationships built on trust with their prospective clients and wider audience, let's chat.

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about Kali Roberge, Founder of Creative Advisor Marketing

Who I Am: I'm a writer. Content marketer. Fan of finances. Creative, artistic, quirky soul. B.A.-of-history holder. Bookworm. Animal lover. Outdoorsy person. Passionate about helping others achieve happiness by recognizing and fulfilling their callings. Introvert. Enthusiast of all things marketing and media. Positive thinker (most of the time). Perpetual learner.

What I Do: I'm the founder of Creative Advisor Marketing. I'm also a writer who enjoys musing about topics including mindfulness, intention, and self-improvement. I spent almost 3 years as the director of marketing for XY Planning Network before leaving to launch this inbound and content marketing firm to help financial advisors and small businesses.

Where I Am: Drop me a line at Here's where else I hang out online:

Why I'm Here: My drive to do and be all of the above comes from my desire to be productive, useful, and helpful. My purpose is to blaze a different trail to the top so that others may find an easier path to the same success.